All of the PluginEver’s Pro plugins need to be activated after installed before you can use. You can activate any of our pro plugins by following this article.

Member Area

To download the plugin first, you have to log in to the member area.

After putting your username(your email address) and password from the login page it will take you to my account page. On the account page, you can see all of your purchases

From this page, you can download the plugins you purchased, manage licenses or even download the invoice.

Dowloading Pro Plugin

To download the plugin & to check the order in details click on View Details and Downloads. It will take you to the purchase details page with all the order details, License key & downloadable files.

All the avilable downloadable files will be shown on the position of red marked from the above image. To downlaod the files click on those.

Installing Plugin

After downloading the plugin from our member area, the next thing to install the plugin. Installing our plugin is the same process you follow for other WordPress plugins. Follow the steps below to install the plugin

  1. Login to your site admin panel
  2. From the left side panel Click Plugins -> Add New
  3. Now Click on Upload Plugin from the very top of the screen
  4. Now it will show a little form to upload the plugin
  5. Click on Choose File button from the form and navigate to the folder you saved zipped plugin which you downloaded eirlier step and select that file.
  6. Click Install Now button from the form. It will take few moment to complete the installation process.
  7. After successful install you will see a confirmation message

Now you are done with the installation process.

Activating Plugin with license Key

If you have installed the plugin correctly then you should see a little form under the installed plugin on plugins -> Installed Plugins page.
Now put the email address that you have used at the time of purchase and license key that you have received in the process of “Downloading Pro Plugin” section from this article. Finally, click on the confirm button if those inputted credentials are valid the plugin will be automatically activated and give you a confirmation message.

Now the plugin is ready to use.