Under “WooCommerce Serial Numbers” settings you will find an option called “Delivery Settings”. This section will allow you full control of how you want to deliver the license key to your customer. The “Delivery Settings” offers you options to “Send” and “Revoke” serial numbers. Let’s take a look at the serial number delivery / send option first.

Available options for Delivery Settings

Available options for Delivery Settings

“Send serial number on” has four different options and you have to select the desired one from the drop-down list. The four different options are:

  • Pending Payment
  • Processing
  • On Hold
  • Complete
Available options to send serial numbers

Available options to send serial numbers

Pending Payment: By default, “Pending payment” is selected for you. If the default settings are unchanged the plugin will deliver serial numbers when the status of the order is “Pending Payment”. WooCommerce changes the status of the order based on your settings and of course, you can also manually change the status of the order. When the status of the order is changed to “Payment Pending” the license key will be delivered.

Processing: The second option is “Processing”. When the status of the order is processing it delivers the license key for that product. When an order is placed, it is considered as processing and this option will deliver the license keys as soon as the order is placed. So, this option shares the license key without considering facts like payment.

On hold: If your customer selects some payment methods like “Direct bank transfer” then the status of the order changes to “On hold”. You can set to deliver the license keys while the status of the order is “On hold”. The option to manually change the order status is always available for you.

Complete: Finally, you can select to deliver the license key when the order is finally “Complete”. The status of an order is complete when all the necessary stages, including the payments, are complete. If you select this stage, then the license keys will only be delivered when the order stage is complete or you (the store owner) turns an order status to complete.

You need to compare the options and select the best-suited one for yourself. You need to be very cautious too, as delivering secret numbers like card numbers and other codes without payment completion may lead you to trouble. If the user uses the number without payment you do not have much control over that. If it is a license key, then you will have higher control to deactivate the license.

Next comes the settings to revoke serial numbers. Here we offer three different options as select boxes. The three different options are:

  • Canceled
  • Refunded
  • Failed
Available options to revoke serial number

Available options to revoke a serial number

You can select one, two or all of those options to ensure that you are on the safe side.

Your customers will find the license keys by accessing the “My Account” section of your store. You can also opt to send the license key in a professional email.

License details in the My Account section

License details in the My Account section

Hopefully, this documentation will offer you a clear understanding of the “Delivery Settings” options. If you still need help feel free to contact us. Thank you.