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Woo Category Slider Plugin Documentation


Free Version
Woo Category Slider is very easy. To install the plugin, please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to the admin dashboard of your site
  2. Now from the left menu panel go to Plugins-> Add New
  3. Search for Woo Category Slider By PluginEver
  4. Click on Install and Activate button respectively
  5. Now, You should see the success page saying the plugin has been installed successfully.

Woo Category Slider By PluginEver Installation

Pro Version
Please follow the steps below to install the premium version of the Woo Category Slider Pro

  1. Login to the member area of PluginEver
  2. Find out the related order for the product and click View Details and Downloads
  3. Now from details Page click on the product name to download the plugin
  4. Upload the downloaded plugin zip file from Plugins-> Add New-> Upload Plugin
  5. Now, You should see the success page saying the plugin successfully installed.

Setting Category Images

Since Woo Category Slider is a product category image slider. So, inorder to make the plugin to work you must set the category image first. To set the image of any category login to the site using your admin username/password. After login from the left panel Select Products >> Categories
Woo Category Slider documentation

From the proceeding screen put all the category details finally click on the “Upload/Add Image” button. Select or upload the category image and hit save.
Woo Category Slider documentationWoo Category Slider documentation

Getting started

You can use the Woo Category Slider plugin anywhere in your site eg. pages, posts, custom posts or from template file. To show the category slider inside any page, post or custom post use [woo_category_slider] shortcode or to use in the php template file use ``

Woo Category Slider documentation

Shortcode Breakdown

Full Shortcode
[woo_category_slider cols="4" show_content="true" show_button="true" show_name="true" show_count="true" show_nav="true" nav_position="top-right" button_text="browse" categories="all" has_image_hover="true" autoplay="true" responsive="true" rtl="false" hide_empty="false" hide_no_image="true"]

Category Selection
By default Woo Category Slider shows all the categories. But if you want to show only subcategories of a specific category set the category slug to category parameter.

  • Default: categories="all"
  • Using Category Slug: categories="desired category slug (eg. women,men,sports)"

Pro Version Documentation

Pro Version

Woo Category Slider documentation

After successfully installing the pro version of the plugin and activating the license, you will see a new menu on the left sidebar on your site admin panel like above. Where you can see all of your slider and shortcode to use as well as settings page to controll slider image. To add a new slider click on the add new button and it will take to the shortcode builder page.

Shortocode Builder

Pro version comes with intuitive shortcode builder and custom image support. You don’t need to memorize those shortcode parameters.

Category Selection:
From the categories dropdown you can either select all category or custom category.

If you select the custom category then select the categories from the below Select Categories dropdown within all the categories you have.

If you select all categories from the categories dropdown then you can set whether to make the slider with parent categories only or include subcategories of a category as well.

Or if you select the custom category option then you can set the builder to show subcategories of those selected categories or just the categories you have selected.

Hide Category Without Image?:
You can set whether to show or hide any category or subcategory that does not have a thumbnail.

Limit Items:
You can put any number to limit the result. When your store has lots of categories and you don’t want to load those all then this feature is for you.

Select Style:
Woo Category Slider Pro comes with 9+ built in eye-catching style. You can check those from the plugin demo page. Play with the styles and choose the one you liked most.

Hover Effect:
Woo Category Slider Pro has built-in 9+ hover animation. Check those hover effect from live demo page & use one you liked.

Show Category Name:
You can set whether to show the category name or not on the slider.

Show Product Count:
Set whether to show the number of product in the category or not on the slider.

Add Border:
Enable/Disable adding nice border around the slider.

Show Content:
You can hide all the text contents eg, Category name, Product count & button on the slider to appear by this option.

Content Color:
Adjust color of Category name, Product count & button on the slider as you want.

Content Background Color:
Set the background color contents. You can set alpha color as well.

Show Button:
Enable/Disable button visibility on the slider

Button Label
Change button Text: default ‘Browse’

Button Type:
Select button type solid/transparent

Button Text Color:
Set button’s text color

Button Background:
Set button’s background color

Show Navigation:
Enable/Disable navigation button’s visibility on the slider

Navigation Position:
Slider has 4 different navigtion position top left, top right, bottom left or bottom right. Choose one which you like.
Navigation Style
Set the navigation button color where from it will inherite.

Image Size:
From here you can choose which image size will be shown on the slider.
Default one will use WooCommerce category thumbnail size.
Other 3 sizes from the Woo Category Slider settings option as you set there.
NOTE: You must resize all the images to use as you defined on the settings panel. Learn more about how to resize the image.

Auto Play Slider?:
Set the slider to automatcailly start playing or not.

Rotation Speed:
Set the rotation sleep as you wish in milisecond. default 2000

Slider will be rotated in a never ending loop.

Center Mode?:
Center mode will make the middle slider bigger than other

Number of Column:
Set how many column will have in a slider. Default 4

Enable/Disable Woo category slider’s responsiveness

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