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Bert asked 2 weeks ago

Hi There,
Great product: WP content pilot Pro! My question: is it possible to “scrape” a specific site or URL and create posts from them instead of using one of the default “channels”? (e.g. feed, article, youtube, amazon, etc.
For example, I want to create posts from (parts of) the website:, or
Thanks in advance.

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kibria Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Hi Bert,
Sorry to inform you that there is no option to run such custom campaigns using WP Content Pilot PRO now. You have to stick with the default campaigns. Thanks a lot.

Bert replied 2 weeks ago

Thnx! Kibria.
Perhaps something for in the future? I’m working for a educational institute and we are trying to develop a knowledgebase with all kind of background information about all kinds of subjects. One of the important sources e.g. is Google Scholar. But there are also a lot of other sites on the inter that we could use, just the way your pluging does. Content Pilot could just fit into such an development. That’s whu I asked you about it.

kibria Staff replied 2 weeks ago

Hi Bert, Thanks for your input and suggestion. It sounds promising and something to look into.

Bert replied 2 weeks ago

Thank you! Might there be any development in such a direction can you please keep me posted?

kibria Staff replied 2 weeks ago

We are very occupied with other projects right now so I can not predict a timeline for you but I will definitely try to update you. Thanks a lot.

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