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Bert asked 3 weeks ago

Hello, I just upgraded to the WP Content Pilot PRO. I did remove the free version, that worked fine and installed the PRO version. I activated the site, but in my dashboard, WP Content Pilot PRO doesn’t appear. Any idea?

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kibria Staff answered 3 weeks ago

Hi Bert,
Sorry for the inconvenience. You have to install the free version to use the PRO version. Our PRO version requires the free version to work with. You must keep both the free and premium version installed and activated. Thank you.

Bert Hanning replied 3 weeks ago

Thnx! I did that and now it seems to work.!!

The only thing is…. in the ezine module I get the error: HTTP/2 403
Anything I can do about that?

kibria Staff replied 3 weeks ago

The EzineArticle module requires the “Google Search API Key”. I guess you have missed that part. Follow the settings section and at the bottom, you will find the option. This should fix the problem.

Bert Hanning replied 2 weeks ago

The Google API key was installed and the campaign was working fine.
Only now and then, if I pushed the testrun button the error appears.

kibria Staff replied 2 weeks ago

You mean that the error appeared while the Google API was inserted and the campaign was running? How frequently do you get the error?

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