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Ivan Teoh asked 3 months ago

Hi, I would like to make a suggestion for WooCommerce Serial Numbers PRO. In my case, I’m selling accounts, so I deliver username and passwords to my customers. When they receive their email with the delivered “serials”, the email states “Serial Numbers” which may be a little confusing to some people. So here are my suggestions.

  • Customize the labels in delivery. E.g. Change “Serial Number” to “Accounts” or whatever we like.
  • Disable things like ‘Activation Limit’ and ‘Validity’. Yes, we can set it to Never Expire or Unlimited but it would be nice to also disable it entirely so customers don’t have to get confused.

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kibria Staff answered 3 months ago

Hi Ivan, thanks for your suggestion. We have released an update yesterday and under the delivery settings, there are options to customize the email just like you asked. Have you suggested this without noticing that? We have added this under the enhanced delivery settings section.

Ivan Teoh answered 3 months ago

Oh, how awkward is that! You’re right. I updated my plugin without noticing it, and what a coincidence it was that the update included exactly what I was suggesting here. Awesome work guys, thanks!

kibria Staff replied 3 months ago

It’s alright. You are always welcome.

Hemanta Singh answered 3 months ago

Hello.  I changed the lebel under delivery settings and selected no for \”Show Validity for Email \” and \” Show Activation Limit for Email\” . But it did not changed anything . Please help!!

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