SupportCategory: WooCommerce Serial Numbers ProUnsupported PHP version for WooCommerce Serial Numbers Pro (Min required PHP Version:5.6.0)
jon asked 8 months ago

The WooCommerce Serial Number Pro requires a minimum PHP version of 5.6. The Plugin won’t activate despite running 5.6.3, I have upgraded to 7.0 through C panel to satisfy the requirement. Still, I am unable to activate WooCommerce Serial Number Pro. What can I do now?

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kibria Staff answered 8 months ago

There must be something else causing this trouble to you. We believe that you have checked the PHP version carefully but still, we insist for another check. We have tested our plugin before and of course, we have rechecked it again for you. Here we have successfully activated the plugin and this is the PHP version. There is no trouble with PHP 7 at all.

Here we are using PHP 5.6 and everything is fine. Please recheck your PHP version and get back to us. Thank you.

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