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Raymond van der Ploeg asked 3 months ago


I purchased the WC Category Showcase Pro this morning and I have several questions. I want to use the plugin for a website for consumer electronics (just like Pro Demo 9).

– Can I change the font itself and the height?
– My thumbnails are ‘zoomed in’.

Do you have any solutions?

Raymond van der Ploeg

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kibria Staff answered 3 months ago

Currently, there are no font and height customization options available. You can achieve this by adding custom CSS.

The thumbnails are auto-generated. If you are using smaller images, then it may appear like zoomed in. There are multiple solutions for this. Of course, you can use larger images. If larger images are not available, then you can increase the image canvas with photoshop. It should offer something better. Let us know what happens. Thank you.

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