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William Huang asked 3 months ago

I’m having a hard time disabling email notification for SN purchases.   I used the instructions in to successfully remove email from a required field during Woocommerce checkout, but I for SN purchases it comes back with “A valid email is required”.
THe reason is my target application is a mobile cell-phone platform.   The SN sales should go through without any additional user entry (except maybe payment information) and the response should be a screen saying “Your Unlock code is XXXXXXXXX.  Please enter your unlock code in menu->Unlock Code” … no email needed.

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kibria Staff answered 3 months ago

Under notification settings, did you try disabling Send Email and then try?

William Huang replied 3 months ago

The email setting under notification … isn’t that a low inventory email sent to the webmaster?

kibria Staff replied 3 months ago

Sorry, my bad I became confused. It is actually to get notification about low inventory.

kibria Staff answered 3 months ago

Sending email notification with the secret code is a prominent feature of WooCommerce Serial Numbers. You should notice that we also have added the email customization feature for our customers. If email is not important for you then how do you send those details to your customers? I will contact with the development team and try to find a solution for you. Thanks for your patience.

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