Whether you have a personal or company site, there are many problems that you want to solve using it. If you are using WordPress, the number one CMS of the world that powers 30% of world’s website, then we have good news for you!

PluginEver is one of the fastest growing team of WordPress enthusiasts who are capable of turning any WordPress site into a problem solving application using plugins and themes. There are thousands of WordPress plugins developed to solve specific problem like eCommerce, frontend, business operations, payment, project management etc. PluginEver specializes in providing some powerful solutions that can be helpful to anyone.

Besides that, you can rely on PluginEver for different types of customization and custom solution for any WordPress related task. We provide solutions like plugin development to customization that will surely help you out big time.

WordPress Plugin Development

PluginEver provides expert WordPress application development. WordPress is the number of CMS in the world because of its ease of use and rich plugin library. There are thousands of plugins available in the WordPress.org repository. They can solve many of your problems for free. There are even paid plugins that can provide you with advanced features as well. However, there are still room for improvement and you might need plugins that may solve specific problems for your business or individual use. PluginEver is here to help you out in such cases.
Whether you need to build an eCommerce store, company management system or solving any other special purpose problems, we will help you out big time. Our developers are experts in WordPress and will make sure you get the most suitable solutions for your problems.

WordPress Theme Development

Themes make any WordPress website appealing and provide excellent designs. Without themes you site will look ordinary and may not stand out in the crowd. If you happen to require a theme for your personal website or business website, we are here to make that happen. PluginEver specialized in awesome looking theme making that will make your website look like a professional one. We have developed any themes to help our clients already.
So, we are capable of making any type of theme you want. Just give us your requirements and we will deliver you the best WordPress Theme Development solution available in the market. We will even provide you theme related support that is very hard to find. We use modern technologies like BootStrap, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Vue.js, React and REST API to build awesome themes just for you.

WordPress Customization (Theme + Plugin)

You may already know WordPress has many themes and plugins. However, they might not solve your specific problems sometime. So, PluginEver can help you to customize any theme or plugin the way you want. Our team will make sure you get the feature or customization you want for your WordPress Plugin or themes.

Simply send us your requirements and we will assess them for you. Then we will provide you a time frame after you agree with the WordPress customization contract. 

We will deliver your customized theme or plugin within the agreed timeline and also make sure you get all the features that you wanted without any bug or conflict with other plugins. For example, if you need to customize WooCommerce for getting certain features that only you want and can help you with your eCommerce store, we are here to help you out.

Hire WordPress Developer

PluginEver has an expert team of WordPress Developers and luckily you can hire them for your project. We are available 24/7 and guarantee the delivery of your project or task that you will hire us for. Hiring a WordPress developer is really tough these days due to huge number of projects and tasks. However, PluginEver is always ready to help you out. We will make sure our WordPress Developers are ready to help you without prior problem.
If you want to hire WordPress developer, let us know about your project or the work that you want to accomplish. We will access your work and provide you with the best developer available and fit for your task.

WordPress Site Maintenance Service

PluginEver also provide WordPress site maintenance and server related works. Whether you need to migrate your WordPress site to another server or need an expert team to look after your site for you, PluginEver has every solution that you will ever need. Just drop us a line in the contact page and we will get back to you.

Why Would You Hire PluginEver for WordPress Development or Customisation

PluginEver is a reliable name in the WordPress industry. We respect your work and complete them as they are our own projects. We treat them as a valuable piece work and try to complete them on time also deliver them as soon as its completed.
  • We know how it feels to wait for a project and the pressure that you get for it. Thus, we aim to make your requirements a reality with our expertise in WordPress development.
  • Besides that, we stick to the schedule and provide you all the updates on a regular basis.
  • You can easily keep track of all your projects and tasks without any problem at all.
  • We deliver any type of theme or plugin development according to your requirements.
  • We also customize plugin and themes the way you want.
PluginEver provides services on the most affordable and reasonable price in the market. We can guarantee that your money will not be a waste if you decide to hire PluginEver.